Master The Habits & Secrets Of
Top Singapore Students ...

Students - have you tried studying very hard with no improvement? You feel discouraged & frustrated.

Parents - are your kids not doing as well as you like?


"*THE* Study Smart Course that your classmates will never tell you about - because it gives them an unfair advantage!"


STATISTIC : Almost all students who have attended other "study courses" indicated that our course is better and more useful than the rest.




"Everything shared is very useful & most enlightening even for a parent. Thanks..."
-- Mr Chew K.C., parent who came with 3 children


"The techniques and the acronyms used helped to contextualise things. I also think that the organisation of the Powerpoint was quite good such that it was easy to follow. The facts were rather enlightening, especially to the end where the environment, personal care and such were uncovered. These facts were quite unknown to me."
-- Sean, Temasek Junior College


"The habits and techniques have enlightened me greatly, and also uncovering the truth behind the myths of top students have also greatly encouraged an average student like me to excel."
-- Grace, Sec. 4, Chung Cheng (Main)


Have you attended other study course(s)?: "Yes, this course is much better"
Rating on course: "Excellent"
-- Adeline, Primary 5, Greenwood Primary
(16 Dec 08 batch)

"The course uncovers what is so natural to top students but totally alien to others. The course made me realise what my top student friends do unconsciously. Now, the average student can emulate the "How's" and be a top student. The exam techniques are very useful."
-- Lee T. H., aunt of a student


"The steps on how to study are useful..."
-- Rachel, Sec. 3, Paya Lebar MGSS


"Useful and enlightening : 12 deadly traps, the tips. Top Student habits"
-- Benjamin, Sec. 2, St. Joseph Institution



You have Attended a Motivation Course.
It Didn't Work.
Or It Worked for 2 Weeks and It Fell Flat.


The truth is that Motivation Courses work. Unfortunately, they work well only for a select group of students - those who are smart but unmotivated. So when such unmotivated students go to a course and feel motivated, they can improve by leaps and bounds within a few months.


"I jumped from C to A grade in 2 months -
thanks to your course!"

Does this claim not sound familiar? Everyone craves an instant result. We belong to the fast-food generation - everything must be instant (or near-instant). If you believe paying a few thousand dollars will get you incredible results in 2 months, do your hard-earned money a favour by at least asking a few who have tried (and probably failed).


Courses which promise "quick results" usually have quick results in one area - the trainer's pockets.


The Industry Truth Nobody Wants You To Know. In every batch, there will always be a small % of success cases. Perhaps 1% or 2%. Gather a few testimonials from the few success stories, and people will start believing it will work for them.


After you have paid a few thousand dollars and failed, you will be wondering what went wrong. "Am I stupid?"


Bad news is that most of us take more than 1 or 2 months to improve by Leaps and Bounds.


Good news is that instead of the 1% or 2% who achieved incredible results in 2 months at Motivation Courses, You have a much higher chance to succeed here.

Our PROVEN study habits & techniques - together with consistent effort and determination - can help your children achieve a significant improvement in their grades.



Why do some study courses cost
a few thousand dollars?

We have been brought up to believe that expensive things are good and cheap things are lousy. If it is priced cheaply, you will think it is a lousy course.


Besides, someone needs to pay for expensive hotel training rooms, an army of paid assistants, costly newspaper advertisements and an impressive setup. That "someone" is you.


Why is this course different?

Motivation and "brain scientifics" are important aspects. However, they are only a subset of what it takes to achieve success at the academic front.


Our course is designed and taught by former top students (students who have scored strings of A1's at 'O' levels and straight 4 A's at 'A' levels with distinctions in "S" paper ).


In other words, by students who have "done it" before. By those who know the game, and have beaten it (soundly).


Many top trainers will tell you that one of the most effective ways to obtain success in a particular area is to emulate the "what" and "how" of successful people. If top students have repeatedly used these habits and secrets to succeed in the classroom, why wouldn't you want your kids to learn them?


Do you want a motivational speaker to motivate your children to do well (which may last all of 3 or 4 weeks), or for them to learn habits and secrets that top students actually use that they can learn to improve their grades - on a continual basis?



Increasing "Motivation" or "Inspiration" is not
the optimal approach to improving grades.


Mere Motivation => inspired to do well => try hard (for a few weeks) => results did not improve (for most students) => discouraged (motivation effect wears off) => back to Square One!


You can't blame your child for losing motivation if he or she fails to see better results. Almost everyone will.


On the contrary, our course principles are:

Practise habits & secrets of top students => results improve => encouraged (and more motivated!) => work harder at the proven system => even better results => more motivation!


You get a virtuous cycle in place.


What do we teach our students?

We show you DEFINABLE, REPEATABLE and ACHIEVABLE Habits and Secrets of Top Students.

Our course coverage includes:

  • Motivations affect you
  • Myths and Truths about Top Students
  • What Top Students do correctly (things that are achievable by you)
  • How to get into a virtuous cycle of studying and doing well in exams
  • Understanding the Academic Seasons can put you at an unfair advantage
  • Knowledge Gaps - how you should "plug" the gaps
  • How to take the best types of notes that really work
  • How to benefit from class lessons effectively
  • How to maximise benefits from homework
  • Brain & Memory Facts
  • How to prepare for Tests
  • Enhanced Memory MindMaps 2.0
  • Power of visualisation to make learning easy
  • Memory Skills & Techniques
  • Deadly traps students fall into
  • Different study cycles require different efforts and approach
  • Different tactics for different types of learners
  • How to never study for an Exam again
  • Pre-exam strategies
  • Tactics to help you ace your Exams
  • Proven strategies to do effective checking during exams
  • Every single aspect of your physical environment
  • and more!


To be exact, 240 pages of Powerpoint
chocked full of Facts, Secrets, Tips & Illustrations will be presented!


No wonder parents are starting to label ours as THE ONLY AFFORDABLE, NO-HYPE REAL-CONTENT STUDY COURSE they must send their children to.



What will your child achieve at our Course?

Your child might or might not feel very inspired. That is not the key thing. We know that inspiration does not usually last more than a few weeks for most students, anyway.

What is crucial is that your child will learn DEFINABLE, REPEATABLE, ACHIEVABLE habits and techniques. As well as the pitfalls to avoid.


What we also know is that when students learn our techniques, they are more motivated to study because they now understand the secret steps to doing well in examinations. Steps that are achievable by them. Steps that were only previously known to top students.


When your child start practising these habits and techniques, and "hop" on to the Virtuous Cycle, he or she will see a transformation in his or her academic life and turnaround in results.


OK, what's the deal for this course?

Your investment is only S$220 per student for a session of 6-hour class.


For less than the hourly cost of tuition, you can speed-track your child's ability to learn well in class and excel in examinations.


This will likely be the most information-packed study course your child will ever attend.


Why charge at a fraction
of what others charge?

We are over-comers of the education system. Our goal is to help as many students as possible achieve academic excellence. If we charge a high rate, only the well-off can benefit.


We use cosy, inexpensive training rooms for our courses and seminars with minimal administrative staff. It will not be a hotel location with free-flow buffet (you are that someone paying for "it" anyway).


We don't advertise in the newspapers but go mainly by word of mouth. People recommend us only when they find our course useful; they don't do it to earn commissions to recoup the thousands they had spent on other courses previously.


And we know we have to give you real substance in order for "word of mouth" to work.


Think about it, if we charge you $3,000 for the course, by the time enough people (let's say 1,000) have signed up (and realised that this is crap), we would have made $3 million to pack off and retire on a Caribbeans island.


At just $30+/hour per student, we are in for the long haul. We won't be jetting to the Caribbeans any time soon.


Your Tuition Fees
Our Course Fee

The average student in Singapore spends between $200 to $1,000 on tuition monthly. This translates to $2,400 to $12,000 a year, excluding schooling-related expenditure.


You are spending up to $12,000 a year per child on tuition. Can you afford NOT to send (yes, we have phrased this correctly) your child on acquiring skills to maximise learning during tuition?


By investing in our 5.5-hour course, your returns in your child's tuition will be maximised.


Our course location:

30-second walk from Kembangan MRT (Kembangan MRT lies between Bedok and Eunos MRT)


Email us at or call 6848 3920 (9am to 11pm DAILY) if you have any questions.


Target Audience:

Students from upper primary school, secondary school, junior college, and even polytechnic or university.


To sign up, simply fill in the form.

1 student: $220 ONE-TIME COURSE FEE

2 students or more: $200 ONE-TIME COURSE FEE PER STUDENT


Pay in cash on actual day of lesson.
Yes, we are probably the only educational course provider which does not collect deposits upfront. (We are not worried about parents changing their minds.)

    16 Dec 08, Tuesday, 10.00am morning slot (FULL)
     20 Dec 08, Saturday, 9.30am morning slot (FULL)
    29 Dec 08, Monday, 10.00am morning slot (OVER)
16 Mar 09, Monday, 10am - 3pm slot (with English module option)
19 Mar 09, Thursday, 10am - 3pm slot
1 May 09, Friday, 8.30am - 2pm slot (FULL), includes lunch
1 May 09, Friday, 3.00pm - 9pm slot (5 seats avail), includes dinner

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 16 MAR SLOT. Add $50 for additional 2-hour English Primer "Master the Secrets of Aceing your English Paper" (Grammar Primer + tips/techniques to ace comprehension). This add-on module is taught by a separate trainer - a former RGS/RJC student and ex-lawyer who teaches public speaking as well.

Future Saturday 9.30am morning slots (TO BE ANNOUNCED)
Future Sunday 1.30pm afternoon slots (TO BE ANNOUNCED)

* If you have 5 students or more in your group, you can request for a timing of your convenience (subject to availability of training room)


"THE Study Smart Course that other parents are keeping from you - because it gives their children an unfair advantage!"

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Next to MRT (30 seconds away!) and well-furnished at low cost

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This is the ultimate study smart course not offered by MOE (Ministry of Education).

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